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Cunningham Centre Immunisation Course

The Cunningham Centre Immunisation Course is a paid course which provides certification that is recognised nationally by the Health Education Services Australia (HESA) until December 2024.

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Queensland Health Immunisation Program - Online Course

This free online course provides a comprehensive overview of the complex and ever changing topic of immunisation for those who receipt, administer or manage vaccines in Queensland.

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First Nations Immunisation Course

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to safely administer vaccines as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker or health practitioner.

This course is nationally accredited by Health Education Services Australia (HESA) and aligns to the National Immunisation Education Framework for Health Professionals.

The course covers 4 learning areas:

  • immunisation and public health
  • legislation and professional practice
  • immunisation and the immune system
  • vaccination procedures.

You will be required to complete a minimum 40 hour clinical placement in an immunisation setting within your workplace/health service.

Visit the Cunningham Centre website to learn more